Women Veterans, Are You Blogging?

Blogging seems to be a living diary. How does one make their blog worth blogging?  To me, it needs to come from deep inside one’s self.

I have yet to be able to find that place inside of me that is able to say what is on my mind on a daily basis. I only seem to have something I need to say every once in awhile. When I started this, I thought I would write in it daily and just vent to the world. Well, to my surprise, I don’t have as much to vent about as I thought I did.

I really wish that more people would respond to my blog on women in the military. That one is very important to me. I had expected others to add bits of themselves to this section of my blog. This has not happened. I guess women in the military feel that they don’t have much to say. Well ladies, we do. We are not the same women we were when we entered the military. I know that each of us had our own reasons for swearing allegiance to the military life. This not only changed our lives, moreover, this is a good place to begin your story.  I am not in the same place that I was in when I joined the 80’s that women were in before me. I would like to know what women of today’s military think. Is it just a job like any other job?

I know it felt special to me. I was surprised when I graduated from basic training after not ever even exercising in high school. I always had a reason to be on the outside looking in. This has been a recurring theme throughout my life. It seems to suit me. Maybe, women have been camouflaged into the military in such a way that they don’t feel different. What is going on with women of today and yesterday?

I never went to war. I was in the military in a time that was between wars. I was so busy fighting my own personal battles that I did not notice this part of the military. I was in personnel management and the closest I ever came to war was in basic training when we slept in the woods for a few nights. Wow, it rained and bugs were horrible. It was in March in New Jersey so the spring bugs were just getting started. I am surprised that I made it through all of that. Now, I laugh at the hardship I thought I was experiencing.  I had no clue what life really was about.

I never, as a child, ever envisioned myself in the military. I was trained from birth to be a wife and a mother. I was both when I went in the Army. Poverty is what made me enter go into the military. I never considered that war would be a possibility. We all had a war scare in 2007, but it turns out that we over reacted. A lot of my compadres went to Honduras. My girlfriends and I hugs and cried so badly when we thought we were at war. Now it all seems silly. My best friend did go away on the airplanes. I do not share this herstory with her.

I stayed behind with my baby girls. I was a single mother in the military. I have heard now that it is okay to be a single mother in the military. It was not the same in the 80’s. I wonder what made that change? I am glad that I did not go to war. I needed to be with my daughters. I was terrified to die for my country because I was trying to feed my babies. I can only imagine what the women overseas are feeling every day they woke up without their children. Father’s have the same worries. But, somehow, women are still expected to be available for their children in a way that men are not. I am told that single fathers are given much more help in the military than single mothers. I don’t know. I would like to know. I would like to know what is on the mind of those who stumble upon my words. Tell me what your life, your war has done to or for you. Blogging is an expression of one’s self. I look forward to sharing worlds with everyone.