Today I am Cliche’

Today I am a cliche. Woman, Veteran lost in a game of chance with the dice in someone else’s hand.

I am here doing something and nothing, locked behind the confines of a board. Frustrated, Ignored, Antagonized, Vexed, Displeased, ectera, ectera! I am damned angry, pissed really!

How have I come this far to end up here? I’m loud but no one hears me. I’m not speaking washable crayon.

51 years of witness and 18 years of knowledge teach me to look deeper as the answer might be foggy, but it is there. I just need to see through the mist.

I am only asking you to regard my right to dignity and my need to be a participant in the care of my corporal and spiritual needs. I seek your understanding of what lies behind the clouded barrier. Together we can find the way, to be separate is to become lost.

Only I know where I have been, what is inside me, and what is still to be done. Your averages and norms do not reveal all. Look deeper, deeper, come on just a little deeper then hear and see the whole of me. To do no harm is not to intimidate all or nothing.

Your game is using the wrong play book. I am not dice to be shaken and tossed to chance. 

I am woman strong and have but only time to stand on the board tap, tap, tapping, marking my frustrations one tap at time. See me tap, tap. Hear me tap, tap, tapping.