Yesterday I Went Pink

Yesterday I Went Pink. Every since my oldest daughter was 4, I have wanted pink hair. My girls went with me to get my hair cut, colored and styled. I was explaining what I wanted the stylist to do to my hair. I said that I wanted my hair colored. Erienne, my oldest daughter, said,”Oh, Oh do pink mommy!”

“At the time, I chuckled and said “no, I will stay with blonde.” I thought a lot about her request. And, I thought that it would be fun to go pink. However, I never did.

I was appropriate and stayed blonde until I turned 40 and decided to go red. I Loved it, but I still wanted pink. I thought that I had to consider others and do the right thing.

Well, in almost all areas in my life, I did not worry about what others thought about me. So why was I fighting this one thing. I stayed red, auburn, for a long time, but eventually returned to my roots, literally. I was born blonde then naturally became a darker blonde. I did lighten the blonde. But, red seemed to be my cut off point in daring hair colors. It really was daring. I could not believe how good I looked with red hair. My Grandmother was mad that I went red. She loved my blonde hair, but she has never liked it when I let my hair grow long. She is 98 years old now. (Long Live Queen Eula Mae Barber!)


She always wants my hair cut short. I love her and like to see her happy. I, on the other, hand tortured my hair with different, extreme styles. I, at one point, had three different identification cards and did not look like any of them. My bank would not give me money because I did not even look like their system copy of my ID either. I just laughed and went to the bank that I used most often. There was no use arguing with her. After All, the problem was my own creation.

But, all that aside, I am 51 now. I have six beautiful grandchildren. I am tired of conforming. When I was in our local Dollar General Store few weeks ago and noticed a pinky red, Runway Red, that I just could not take my eyes off of. I picked it up to buy it, but as I reached the counter, I started second guessing myself. So, I took a picture of the box, posted on Facebook saying, “guess what I did?”

Responses were not extreme, it turns out that it was something that others thought I would do without hesitation. I kept coming across that photo of that color. It was so beautiful, Runway Red! During that time, I was trying to make up my mind what to do when I came across an app called My Fake Look. I played around with the many styles and found one that I really liked. I looked Diva Did! 😉

I posted the crazy look on Facebook and tested it to a few friends and received rave reviews. I had immediate positive responses. The comments gave me some real laughs. Some people thought it was real. Others, said, “Do it!” So, I did. And, I had fun. I LOVE IT! I am glad I finally did it. I am not even worried what others think about it. I do not feel 51 at all. I think I even look younger. I guess that is because I am smiling such a big smile in the photo I took and sent out.

I even let my 11 year old Granddaughter help me. It is far from perfect, but it is fun. And, who doesn’t need a little fun in life! 😉

After a few days, the Runway Red started washing out so weighed my options and walked back and forth along the hair color isle. I was determined to do what I originally wanted to do and reached up to the top shelf for the pink that I had dreamed about, Fetish Pink, and I LOVED IT! I know that people look at me strangely and that my Grandmama will raise her fist to me in her ever endearin

gpmanner. That is how she shows her displeasure. But, in the end, it is my journey and I will continue to take the reigns and take my own path. Anyone that wants to follow me is welcome. However, I am a true introvert that learned how to be an extrovert to survive as #3 of 6 girls that are my Sisters; therefore, I will be okay if I decide to take the road least travailed.


2019 and I’m still rolling in the pink vibe and loving life. Find what makes you smile and go with it. It will make some people doubt you, but living your life to the fulliest is about you finding what makes you happy, not just settling for what others expect of you.