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I have tried tumeric to test its pain relieving qualities. Remarkably, I found that it worked.

Due to the USA’s new regulatulions on controlling the amount of prescribed, long term use of pain medications like Vicodin, I am left to find more natural, legal methods of pain regulation. Medical Marajuana is not legal in the state that I reside in. Tumeric is said to be helpful to the body in many ways. So, I gave it a try. (Washington Post Article from February 2015 to follow on next post)

I take 1/2 tsp of tumeric with honey and I added the recommended dash of black pepper to the honey and tumeric and swallow the mix. Tumeric is bitter by itself. To my surprise, the pepper honey did help the medicine go down better.  I take this two times a day.  The pepper is said to be an activator for the tumeric.  I find that I am having less anxiety and lower pain levels.  

I have ordered tumeric in capsule form and should receive it in the mail within a few days.  I will let you know how this works out for me.  If you decide to try this for yourself, please remember that I am taking other medications, for privacy reasons I choose not to list them, that could effect my outcome. 

The Swanson Premium Product Tumeric Capsules are easier to swallow than dry powder.  Surprisingly, I find that I really like black pepper and honey. Not a lot of pepper is needed to activate the Tumeric.

If you live a gluten free life, pay attention to the base for the capsules.  I bought Swanson Premium Brand because it has no gluten. If you can have gluten, you can get the capsules that already have the pepper in them.

There are kits online that will allow you to make your own capsules. I did not have the patience to do this.  I decided that it was better to buy ready made capsules because they were pretty inexpensive.

If anyone else is trying this or other more natural, legal options please post a comment here so that we can keep a record of any progression or setbacks.

Update: Tumeric and black pepper honey or red pepper sauce can act as a libido stimulate. It has also is said to intensify orgasms. I list this for medical reasons. It could help women that have a problem with low or no orgasms to increase. And, if one already has a high libido you might consider skipping this option. 

Reminder if you take blood thinners, consult your physician before you begin taking tumeric in medicinal doses.