Medical Marijuana Act for NC Is An End-Of-Life Issue

It might not seem clear to everyone that the NC Medical Marijuana Act is an end-of-life issue, but it really is.  A great number of medically compromised, end-of-life patients need options that can make them more comfortable as the journey towards the end becomes more and more inevitable.

People can and should plan for their end-of-life journey to be better than their walk through terminal illness.  Our Government in NC and in the USA believe that they are enacting laws that protect citizens from the possibility that Doctors and patients are not or cannot make appropriate decisions concerning how much pain patients can or should be able to live with.

I believe that it is not the place of a Politician to decide what I can or cannot do to make my life with Fibromyalgia livable.  Politicians are making the decisions to control how much pain medication, like Vicodin, that a Doctor can prescribe because too many patients are having side effects that come from taking too many medicines at the same time, a dangerous combination of medicines or the patients are simply becoming addicted to meds and over medicating themselves.

End-Of-Life patients do not need to worry about these issues because the patients and their caretakers need to focus on the quality of the last few days/weeks of the illness.  The patient should have as much comfort as possible and if Narcotics and/or Medical Marijuana is what is needed to get the patient through this journey then it is between the patient, caretakers and Medical Doctors should decide the treatment that best suits the Patients needs not Politicians.

Read the Act and know the facts by known information instead of word of mouth. Write a letter to Our Politicians and let them know where you stand on the situation whether you agree with me or not.

Whether Doctors or Politicians like it or not, we are fortunate in that we live in an information age that allows us to know and understand medical facts and the treatments that are most recommended to assure that every day we are alive is a quality day. We all need to be better educated advocates for ourselves or our loved ones.