Live Your Passion As Much As Possible

I have studied so much and pushed so hard to learn how to be a stronger, better person. I do not tell my deep thoughts much. People get afraid of my passion for life.

We all get caught in cycles of ups and downs. It is a condition unique to people. No other animal feels this. They take what life gives them and move on. Humans always want to be better, do more, we see the future, the possible. I think it is almost a curse.

I think that there are a whole world of people out there trying to live their passion. The internet changed the world this way.  It opened up our potential.

Twitter is full of people like photographers, painters, or animation designers that want to connect others with their ideas, thoughts, dreams, passions, etc. It makes me feel good to offer some support for people that are trying so damned hard to let the world see what they see. I am only interested in everything.

It can be small. I have a new Twitter friend,@KattFunny, that likes to be funny. She is funny. She is really great. She makes me smile to see her silliness in her photo. She tried to tell me yesterday how important happiness is. It is her message to the universe. And, she really looks happy. It makes her message more meaningful.

Watching someone sit at a pottery wheel, teach calligraphy or make their passion for their film known to whomever in the world that cares, is really inspirational.

Maybe someone sees that the governments of the world are really screwing up in big ways. These are people that all have a message that they are so passionate about that they work at regular jobs all day and still sit up at 3 am podcasting or sitting at their computers all night dumping their heart into an article that they hope somebody sees and acknowledges.

Maybe I love sitting on the edge of my seat with my heart beating 100 miles an hour because a monster, any kind, is chasing someone through the streets with gut wrench lust, hatred, rage, etc., so I am going to make a movie that makes other people feel that same adrenalgasm that I felt when I watched a movie like that. Possibly, I am a movie critic that wants others to know how that same movie does or does not give me all that I expected from it. Maybe that same someone has a dream of presenting their views in a way that no one else has done before.

It could be that someone feels good when they receive motivation from speeches, so he or she write a book that lets others know how important it is to be motivated. There are millions of us that need and want motivation.

Whatever we feel the most passion about; yes anger is a reflection of a passion whether it is known or not by the one that is angry (personal rant over now). There is someone out there in the world that shares your passion. I hope you find that connection that allows your soul to be able to freely fly from one thought into the great anothers.