image My Grace

I had three miscarriages and a full term stillborn baby that I named Grace.  She was my first full term pregnancy.  I was convinced that everything was going to be perfect.  It was not to be the way things went.  I will never say that I accept it and that things are working out as they should have.  I should have had a healthy baby girl.  We should have lived Happily Ever After.  I named her Grace because I felt that it was by the Grace Of God that I had her at all even if only inside me.  It has been a journey of growth.  I continue to grow with it.  I still miss her 33 years later.  Acknowledging that she existed is part of the journey.  My miscarried babies existed too.  However I have no way to mark their existence except in my soul.  I have three beautiful children and 7 wonderful Grandchildren.  I am happy.  Please allow people to acknowledge their losses and to talk about what they feel about it.  Too many people have the just get over it mentality.  It just is not realistic.  Telling people not to experience their grief is mortally wounding.  The grief becomes incomplete.  Healing needs to be encouraged.  If we are not sure how to encourage, as a Grief Counselor through Hospice or call a Funeral Home to find out other resources.  Let the healing come.

I personally go to my daughter’s grave and put fresh floral arrangements.