Hope Spreads Hope

img_20170125_203811_232We all have hidden fears that we are not even aware of. Many of us judge, criticize, mock, … others without realizing that the root of the judgement in hidden inside of our own fears. I am guilty of this too.

Self awareness is a first step toward healing deep pain. We cannot begin to move forward until we face our fears. In hoping to spread healing, I am stating that fear drives judgement and anger.

For example, if we are afraid to fail and we are driven by that fear, we can view others as lazy because others are not as driven as we are.

For those seeking to understand why other people judge so harshly, know that the judgements and criticisms are not about you. They are about deep fears within the one critizing. That will not make it easier to live and work with that person. Just know it is not about you.

In love, I desire to send awareness to those that are ready to deal with their fears. As well, I wish to send hope to those those that feel the sting of this. Unless we are aware, we end up a part of a boomerang effect.

Fear spreads fear. Hope spreads hope.

Remember that facing ourselves and seeing our weakness as well as our strengths will keep us all moving forward in hope. In reality, we can only seek to heal ourselves. Try to be kind to the ones being harsh and keep moving forward.

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