Talk To Children About Death As A Part Of Life


Many children are afraid of death because adults feel that they should be protected from knowing about it.  It leads to them growing up and experiencing more complicated death issues when they finally face the fact that death happens to us all.  This article from the Philly Voice is a good way to begin the conversation.  Parents that have problems facing death themselves should visit a local Hospice and speak to a Grief Specialist or call a Funeral Home and what resources are available.  There are programs available for children that experience death.  One state has a summer camp where children grieving can go and openly express their feeling with other children going through like journeys. They have excellent staffing that is specialized in child grief.  This article will at least get the conversation started.  Be brave, open their hearts and teach children about the full circle of life from birth through death openly. End some of the cycles involved in the fear of death.

Please read this article on PhillyVoice.  It inspired me to once again try to keep the message going.  It is a timeless message.  It is worth repeating over and over again.