image Parable



As a child,
I sat on the hill
outside my grandmother’s house
and watched the river’s liquid motion
as if hypnotized.
While in this state,
the waters began to rise
higher and higher
moving toward me
in an all consuming manner.
My hypnotic state was broken
by a fear that I began to feel,
not for myself,
but for my grandmother’s house
as it was the place where my
life strength was born inside of me.
“Please river do not take it away!”
I turn and run toward the house.
I have to get inside.
“If you must take it, take me too!”
Once inside, the river collapses
against roof, walls, and windows.
I was terrorized by the anger of the river
that has soothed my soul
for all my young life.
I awoke in tears
still in fear.

As a mother,
I sat in the sunlight
on the sand of a beach
and watched my daughters run and play
in the nectar of the end break of the waves
as if mesmerized by the serenity of the moment.
Suddenly, the waves began to rise higher.
Remembering the anger of the waves
as they consumed my place of strength
I began to call my daughter’s to safety,
my fright, not for myself,
but for my children.
“Please do not take them away!”
I ran toward them.
“If you must take them, take me too!”
I could not seem to get to them.
They were getting further and further away.
The wave as rising and shadowing them.
I was haunted by the fury of the ocean
that had brought so much tranquility
to my daughter’s and myself
for all their young lives.
I awoke in tears
and in fear
time and again.

Years later,
I sat on the same beach
as before,
watching my daughter’s
just the same.
The waves, again began to rise
higher and higher.
I remember the wrath of the waves
in repeat.
I was fearful, once again,
for their safety.
I ran toward them.
They ran toward me.
The wave swallowed us
as if we were Jonah
in the belly of the ocean.
After what seems a life continuance,
we rose to the face of the water.
I swam to my daughters.
There was debris floating all around us.
I looked around and noticed a surfer
laying on his surfboard
riding the plane of the wave.
I turn to my daughter’s and say,
“Look at that surfer,
see how he is riding the wave.
We must float as he
and ride the wave through to the end.”
Instantly understood,
they did as I said.
We joined hands and drifted
with the wave.
Soon the wave came to an end,
and we stepped off onto a different beach.
The sand twinkled like diamonds.
The golden sunlight scintillatingly
touched us like the sun
against the fins of a school of
marlins racing into eternity.
We ran along the beach
laughing and playing.
We knew we had been given
a place for a new beginning.
I awoke.
We survived.


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