Here I sit on this subway
before me is an elder.
I watch
the uncontrollable motion
of his body and
the glimmer of seemingly
unnoticed spittle
on silver speckled beard stubble
and wonder…

What undesirable habits
will my mind and body
put to repetition with age?

Would it not be better
to evaporate
into the dew of morn
and be remembered
for incisive introspection and
a harmonious momentum
of sanity?

Is it possible
to grow old gracefully
when the body begins
to fall apart
like a watchband
with threads raveling
into the sands of time
and the brain withering
like a fig forgotten
in the tree of knowledge?

All of the
energy and effort
to gain information and control
seem to be pointless
in the end,
yet we continue
to fight
this battle
with the
ultimate betrayer.


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