Space Breaks


Silver vines
loosely stretched
from post to post
broken spaces,
leaning braces
time has sent this place
to it’s sleepy present.
I stop to sample simple
breaths of ordinary habit
and suppose the repose
will resent the release
of today onto its mattress
of green tranquility.
Will yesterday’s links
face up to today’s delivery
of daring dairy cows?
Do I dare
let them out?
I did thinking spaces
are covered with graces
of lacy rose run wild.
The learned eye of bovine
gracefully breezed over
the pasture of peace
and immediately spied
a rose webbed opening.
Hours were spent
getting them to relent
and return
to previous pastures
leaving yesterday’s
waiting for dollars
to repair.
Now, I look out
at those loosely
draped silver vines
and pink rose filled laces
and see breaks
in spaces
that allowed
for a
momentary release
from mundane monotony.



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