I cry
to the past
for a piece
of you.
I know
that you were
because I am.

Where have
you gone to
in the beached
granules of time?
Do we all
eventually disappear
into the distant breath
of the breathing future
no thought of us
but that we were
a few branches
in a tree of we?

I plead
to the past
for some small piece
of who you were,
so I will know
that you were
more than
the breath
of me.

Jim, Ludie,
Elizabeth, Stephen
I know
no more
of you
than to feel
the pulse
of the liquid
that presses
through my present.

I need
a piece
of the past
to feel
your presence
in my now.

A solitary station
with words
of stone
leave me
with no feel
for the pulse
of your pride.

My heart pounds
the sounds
of your life,
yet I know not
whom you were
except through
who I am.

whisper to me
the secret
of why you left there
for here.

did the death
of your babes
make you stronger
or did it
break you
into the chip
of stone nestled
in the earth blanket
of now?

who spoiled Pete
and made him
the brat that he was
til the day
he reclined
in the lazy
rest of eternity?

only when
I saw me dressed
in the play
of the past
was I able
to see
that we cross
into one.

Iā€™d love
for the future
to feel the pulse
of a past
that bleeds
into the rhythm
of their today.
You are more
than proud
snapshots of life
that smile
into the eye
of now and then.
You are
frozen seconds
of life
that leave nothing
of the who
that was in you
but what developed
into me.

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  1. I will have to look into it all and see if i can find out any thing about my family. Sorry to hear about your lost work. Wow 100 thats a really good age im sure you get a letter from the queen in the UK if your in the UK but not sure if thats just a roumor. I will be following you on your journey blog thank you for replying and i hope to hear from you again.

    • I live in USA, North Carolina. She will get a pin for being an official Centenarian. Her Aunt only recently passed at 100. I have followed you as well. It is important to me to leave a written legacy of my thoughts, dreams and ideas for my Children and Grandchildren to have because of the thoughts I wrote about in this poem. I really know little about my Ancestors. It is really fun to have the stories of one’s Ancestors begin to fill in. I only recently learned that my Great Grandparent’s do not all even have their birth names on their headstones. It was thought that people would remember them better if they only had the names people were called on them. I have an Ancestor Named Killer Barber that died in WW1 I think. I wish I knew the story of his name. Often times, no one even knew the birth names of people. I was 16 before I knew my Grandfather had a different birth name other than the one I called him by. It will be interesting to gather the history. You will hopefully gain stories to pass down to your children’s children. Writing about alopecia will help future generations know that it is real and your journey will help the ones that are fortunate enough to see you laughing and sharing your journey. God Speed My Friend.

      • Thank you. one thing i want to do is help others in the world as much as i can. Im the one who will go the extra mile to help even a stranger. As we all humans and we should stick by eachother and enjoy life. It was hard with alopecia as appearance was my thing until i relise that it doesnt matter im still me. Soon i will finsh my story and will put it on just hope it will help people. Thank you again. Also thank you for sharing its nice. Are ancestors what made us. Take care and im sure we will speak soon.

  2. Simply amazing. Do you know a good place or site to do family tree. So much history and interest thank you for sharing.

    • I am told it really took a lot of leg work and taking photos of headstones and asking questions to any elder that has the memory or the ear to respond. My cousin became a Mormon and ancestry is important to them. It became a personal mission. Hopefully, someone else in your family has done the work and posted it on a site like Thank You for reading and commenting on my poem. Most of my recent posts are works that were lost for years until discovered in an old computer tower before disposal. I cried and cried over all of my lost work. I still have other lost work, but I remember it. It is still a big part of me. Maybe one day someone will go through old boxes of papers and find some of my original stories. Otherwise, time and life moves ever forward. I am currently blessed to have 5 living generations in my family. My Paternal Grandmother will be 100 in April. If I am so lucky, my life is only half full. I am 52. I plan to be around to annoy for a long, long time. ā¤ ā¤

  3. Iv always thought about doing a family tree. Do you know how far back the tree goes? Your poe3m is nice šŸ˜€

    • I have family that has already traced ours pretty far back. The Grandfather in this image is Jim Blake. He was a first generation American from Scotland. He was my Great Grandfather. He is pictured with my Great Grandmother Ludie Blake. I did not know when I wrote this because the photo was not known to exist, but my 2nd Daughter is an exact replica of my Grandmother Ludie. She even has the same expression on her face. Same hair color and all. It was chilling to see this photo that was given to my Mother after her Father’s death by a cousin.

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