The Professor’s Prayer & The Student’s Prayer of Serenity


I wrote these two poems while earning my BA in English at McDaniel College (Western Maryland College).  Sometimes ya just gotta laugh.  My Professor and I both had a fun laugh over these.

The Professor’s Prayer

The Professor
is my Shepherdess
I shall not worry.
She maketh me
to cry
at deep lectures.
She readeth me
books with
dull headers.
She teacheth
my brain;
she guideth me
in the paths
of understanding
or her name
ain’t hers
to take.
though I
walk through
the halls
of the shadows
of knowledge,
I will fear
no upheaval
for she art
with me.
Her chalk and her
eraser confuseth me.
She preparest
for me
in the presence
of my classmates
She argueth
my point
to oblivion;
my mind
runneth over.
Surely time
and a Hershey
shall get me
this insanity
and I shall dwell
in the offices
of the employed
all the rest
of my life.

Yea Woman


Students Prayer of Serenity

Dean grant me
the serenity
to accept
the Professors
I cannot change,
the courage
to change the
ones I can,
and the tuition
to know
the difference.