Children Of Suburbia

Abigail's Mental Meanderings


Children of suburbia on hot summer day
sought solace from sun’s ultraviolet rays.
They came to me
with desperate pleas of relief.
We had no pool.
This would have been “COOL!’
I sent them to earth’s hydrant.
I stood watching water
flushing hose and rinsing briny youth.
Behind them, I see
the perfect place to be.
I called them out
with a shout
of “get in the car let’s go!”
Minds filled with questions
they followed my directions.
With consent, into the pasture we went
to learn of natures indemnity from swelter.
Just inside, a creek did hide.
Oh, how their eyes did light as
denim and Nike took flight
and into the water they dove.
To their amazement,
these Portland poured pool-spoiled babes,
cool creek, though therapy for heat,
did to their toes surprise,
have squishy mud and fish
that nibbled on hairy legs.
There were “Eewwws!” “Gross!”

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