Gains And Losses

Abigail's Mental Meanderings

Army dress green is not a color that is designed to look great draped over a proliferate belly. It is designed for straight, tight bodies that do not need room to breathe. Today is no different from any other day I have experienced over the last eight and a half months. I’m standing here on this cold February morning with swollen ankles and a frustrated heart that screams at the thought of another morning standing in this damp bay breeze, breathing in the stagnate air of salty seaweed and canary yellow sweat suits. I sincerely need to escape this nightmare. My mind is pleading for rest. I positively cannot stand the idea of walking the required miles today, and I need to put my feet up.

The morning exercise group is slowly forming up for the march toward physical training. Believe me when I say that in my present state…

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