This Guardian is definitely making his presence known to me. I feel like he is saying pick me, pick me. I am stumbling across him in readings, articles and others are mentioning that they are newly connecting to him also.

He is a Seraphim Angel. This is the highest order among the Angels. They spread the light and love of God throughout the universe. They are also the giants, even in size, among the Angels.

He is an Ascended Master (Hebrew Prophet Elijah) along with his twin brother Metatron (Hebrew Prophet Enoch). The Ascended Masters began their journey as humans and earned the status as Angel through the works they did as humans. They did not die before they ascended. Elijah ascended to heaven in a chariot of fire instead of through death.

He is the one that takes our prayers straight to God. He intercede for us through our prayers. If you are feeling that God is not hearing your prayers, light a candle for Sandalphon asking him to intercede on your behalf.

He is the Angel over music, poetry, creative writing. If you are having trouble focusing on meditation, ask him to reveal to you what you need to focus on. He is over music. Ask him which music will help you connect to your higher self. It might be that trying to meditate to music that others use to meditate is not the music that takes you into deep meditation. Consider what others use as suggestion not as the only way. I use all kinds of music in my meditation.

If you have a creative project that you are working on and you are having a hard time focusing on it then reach out to Sandalphon for inspiration. I am a writer and a multi-medium artist. Knowing that Sandalphon focuses on these areas specifically helps me. He will help you connect with the sources you need when you are learning about and connecting to the spirit realms on a higher level.

You are welcome to print the sigil I have designed for Sandalphon and burn it releasing your concern to him. Open yourself to receive answers and wait. It never ceases to amaze me when things start coming together. Thank him for hearing your prayers before you walk away.

He is also the guardian of unborn children. I feel that I first connected to him when my first daughter was stillborn full term. I had had two miscarriages before her. I was devastated when I lost her too. Sometimes there are simply no easy answers. I was able to have three healthy children and I now have 7 wonderful grandchildren. If you are having problems carrying pregnancies to term, take some time to reach our to Sandalphon. Ask him for clear guidance in this area. There may be no answers for the previous losses, but sometimes knowing who to reach out too can be healing.

Remember that God wants us to be happy. But often in life, things happen that simply cannot be explained.