Ole Girl

Abigail's Mental Meanderings

Let me
tell you something
ole girl
listen up;
you got this
all wrong…
I see
no room
for regret.
Things I think
make me weak
need to be.
They push me
to get up
again and again
finding new perspectives.
Fight not flight
frees me
to claw through
pain and anger,
slaying wrong,
staying true
to my soul
saves me.

No one else
has to see it
or believe it.
Just look at me
standing tall,
facing the sun,
my feet buried
in the ground,
that heroines
are forged
from continual
and shaping
of the steel blade
that is my soul.

I march onward
keeping pace
with the rhythm
of irregular heartbeats,
marking time,
in a world
that is just plain
hard as hell,
that faith often
is not enough,
singing notes
out of the range
of my voice,
raging right

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