How To Help A Parent In Mourning For The Death Of A Child?

Listen, Let them Cry, Allow a safe place for them to Rage Without Judgement. Don’t expect them to Just Get Over It because they won’t be able to; it simply does not work like that. Don’t tell them It Will Be Okay, they won’t believe it. Don’t make them have to be strong for you.  Be aware that no two parents will grieve the same.  Empathy for each others pain will be invaluable.

It does not matter the age of the child or the parents, it’s still their child.

They will strengthen over time. Know that when that happens, they will grieve again because they will feel guilty that they know they must, at some point, step into the next.

Understand that there will be times when they want to be alone in their sorrow and there will be times when loneliness engulfs them then they will need people that get it.

Feeling grief is how we find true healing.

Please know that I am sorry for the loss and pain. I’ve done this. I only speak from my experience.

Unconditional Love Really Helps.