I Walk

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I will walk through the valley of shadow and darkness beside you not as a savior but as a friend. I am medicine woman. I sing the songs of my ancestors and the spirits that surround me and I feel so full and so whole that I want to lift the world. You can tell me this ain’t real, but I won’t believe you.

Embrace your spirit and find your soul and open yourself up to receive all that the universe has stored for you and I will stand with you. I will hold your hand.

I have walked through the valley of shadow and darkness. I have seen the pain. I have wallowed in sadness, anger and regret and I wished and prayed for God to take me from my pain. I have wanted to die because I felt that I had no value and no purpose.

I have shed that skin and I have risen into the light of love and found a peace that cannot be expressed. I see that my purpose is just to be me, not a shadow or a reflection of you, or they nor we, but just plain and simple me. I am enough. I embrace me. I embrace you, and I embrace you not as me, but as you.

Yes, I will walk through the valley of shadow and darkness with you. I will stand beside you. We will find a way.

I do not profess to have all the answers. Words at times escape me. I see the journey in my mind, but I cannot speak of it through my voice.

It’s not for me to speak of or for you. I speak of me and my journey as I walk the line between light and darkness seeking those that whisper in their dreams “see me.” I see you. I feel your pain.

I cannot speak magicks and wave a wand to fix your journey because it is your journey. I do not have the money to help you through your crisis.

I am but one, but I am me. I can hold your hand and lift your name to the Divine and present your darkness to the spirits in prayer. I will mix a potion for your pain in the jars of my cupboard and I will light the flame on my candle and release it in fire to the spirits that surround us.

Call me witch, call me corrupt, so be it. But hear me say I am just me. You know not what you say because you are not me. You have not had my footprints burned into your soul as they are burned into mine.

You can push me aside and reject my truth because it is not your truth, but know that this is my truth. This is my story. I walk through the valley of the shadow and darkness and I see the light.

I hear the spirits whisper your name to me on the wind. I will lift you up and hold your hand. I cannot see the cure for what ails you, but I can see the light and I will carry you up to it in prayer.

God sees and God knows what I cannot see or know. It’s not for me to sing the songs of your soul, but I will stand and I will pray.

Only you can decide what to do next the same as I did standing in the shadow of my own sadness, anger and regret seeking recognition of value and purpose. You have to choose to change or to remain the same. Just know that I am here. I will listen and will stand beside you and lift you into the light.

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