Anger And Depression Are A Real Part of the Grief Process

It’s worth at least considering.

Abigail's Mental Meanderings

Anger and depression are a big part of the grief experience. One should not be afraid to say that he or she is angry over the death of a loved one or at the deceased for dying. No one needs to feel guilty that she or he is angry or depressed. It is best to find someone who will hear our anger and allow us to acknowledge this emotions so that we can continue to move through the grief process. Anger and Depression can become silent within us and we may not recognize that this is what we are feeling.

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross studied near death experiences as her life work. She also wrote several great books. The one I think that is the most known about is, On Death And Dying. It was her life work. She is also known for saying, “Learn to get in touch with the…

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